CONNECT x NOIR Keynote Session - RSA Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Patricia DeMarco
Will cheslides be shared after the event?
Jen Nelles (NOIR)
They will be on our website if the presenters allow us to share them.
Michael Glass, NOIR
We'll have time for a couple of questions after Prof. Karvonen's talk...get your q's ready now!
Patricia DeMarco
Are there good models for regulation by watershed?
Tim Moss
Andy: How is infrastructure percieved by the regional partnerships?
Tim Moss
Leila: How is the regional scale pertinent to infrastructure inequities?
Andrew Flynn
While the focus is on watersheds, are you studying other capital intensive infrastructure management programs for different approaches to regional management? Transportation, energy, etc.
From Wendy Kellogg, Cleveland State: I have done research on the Chagrin River in NE Ohio and can comment on this question
Mark Usher
Andy: have you taken into consideration regional-national dynamics in terms of political intention in terms of public sector reform? ie the relationship between regionalisation and restructuring? GMCA is actually at the forefront of implementing network governance, which is being linked to reduction in local authority budgets, particularly in terms of green infrastructure. we can talk about this another time!
Patricia DeMarco
Best to everyone. I am double booked.
Leila Harris
it is not directly related to Andrew’s question, but there are also interesting examples of ways that different local/regional governance mechanisms have been funded through local municipal levies and such. There is also the broader debate of relevance in terms of how we think about and articulate the importance of different infrastructural investments. Of course, for water and sanitation, there are multiplier effects that need to be considered about the importance of these investments. Public health (as COVID makes clear) and other consequences for communities (e.g. attendance at school, etc). So i think there are also interesting questions about how we think about these infrastructural priorities, how we make the case for these investments, and as you said, what specific financial instruments might be available to make them possible.
Andy Karvonen
Here are my slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vygj0ujyoi9ytln/Karvonen%20Slides.pdf?dl=0
Annie Quinn
Neighborhood name: In-The-Run, a neighborhood of Greenfield, City of Pittsburgh
Tom Christoffel
Thanks Andy - very interesting work. I'll follow up.
Megan Guy-Pitt Water Collaboratory
Megan Guy-Pitt Water Collaboratory
Megan Guy-Pitt Water Collaboratory
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Nidhi Nagabhatla
Green Infrastructure is also mainstreamed within the Nature Based Solutions
Andrew, looking at this from a long way away, the watershed is just one of many scales at which to work. Where I work (in Southern Africa) our primary systems involve linking parts of watersheds (that includes Cape Town by the way, two completely distinct primary watersheds). It's an evolutionary process in which the watershed may have a role, for a while, in certain contexts.
Nidhi Nagabhatla
and the new UN decade is stressing on these concepts- https://www.decadeonrestoration.org/
Nidhi Nagabhatla
to states and activities /interventions in scale
Leila Harris
the work by Alice Cohen on watershed scale governance that i mentioned that might be of interest to think critically about the way these scales are forged , e.g. Cohen, A. and S. Davidson "The watershed approach: challenges, antecedents, and the transition from technical tool to governance unit." Water Alternatives.
Nidhi Nagabhatla
In our recent synthesis- we present the case of city of Sydney -https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-67416-2_1
Filippo Menga
thank you all for a great session, due to childcare responsibilities I have to leave, see you tomorrow!