NSF CAREER: Creating a Budget - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Amin Rahimian
Can you please elaborate a bit what "indirects" mean here?
Amin Rahimian
yes thanks, is that the same as overhead then?
Xiong, Wei
How precisely we need to put into the budget plan for each item in the proposal, so we can avoid to adjust the budget later on with the program manager once we received the fund and working on it?
Xiong, Wei
OR how much room do we have to spend the budget different with the proposal.
Xiong, Wei
If we want to support the outreach, and the outreach institution wants to get fund directly as a cash or as a sponsorship in an event like $5000. Should we do this as purchase order with indirect cost, what is the best way to do it for CAREER proposal?
Xiong, Wei
Should we always mention the international travel explicitly? do we need to check with the PM again if we already mentioned in the budget justification?
Bajaj, Nikhil
Thank you!