ASEEES Webinar: How to Host Displaced Scholars on Your Campus - Shared screen with speaker view
Anna Denejkina
Hi James, may you please share link to the student scholarship?
Park, Lynda
Here is IIE student emergency fund - https://www.iie.org/en/Programs/Emergency-Student-Fund/Current-Funding-Efforts
Anna Denejkina
Thank you, Lynda. Is there a scholarship for international students studying in Australia?
Steven Seegel
follow @ScienceforUkraine #ScienceforUkraine - https://scienceforukraine.eu/
Anna Denejkina
Are there orgs like IIE and Scholars at Risk that support students (undergrad and postgrad), not only scholars?
Anna Denejkina
Are Australian universities eligible to work with IIE to place scholars?
Park, Lynda
Here is a document that Yuliya Komska and Elizabeth Geballe created with practical information - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OhhtOB0N84KzL4ADO7KwTAIRYItvrKf0Crs05ERWlGM/edit
Park, Lynda
ASEEES webpage on resources for displaced scholars - https://www.aseees.org/resources/help-displaced-scholars-ukraine
Park, Lynda
Please post your questions for the speakers in the chat.
Elena Efremova
So the announcement for displaced scholars on the website is not only for Ukraine but for Russia only, correct?
Mary Arnstein
And if your question is directed to a specific speaker, please include that with your question.
Krzysztof Kozak
Today’s speakers and initiatives described appear to come out of the humanities. I am curious about the extent of integration with opportunities in science, which has very different funding structures (more money, but perhaps less flexibility in hiring?). (I’m a biologist at UC)
Evelyn Davidheiser
How do you handle the English proficiency requirement for the J-1 visa in a case like the one that Mark described?
Reuben Hudson
What are the legal ways to post a job description for a scholar that is specifically allocated for a displaced individual? I have funding in hand from a donor to support a displaced individual, but I don't know how to post a job description that doesn't require me to consider other qualified applicants (what if a US citizen thinks they are qualified for the 'job'?).
Lauren McCarthy
Similarly, have any of you at public universities had questions about nationality-based discrimination if you were to advertise for a position from a particular country?
Karen Blair
Does support for students usually only extend to people who were already students or can it apply to those who might be able to become students again? E.g. someone who could pursue a graduate degree but might have been working outside of academia when they had to leave Ukraine?
Joël Gallegos
Is the US Embassy in Ukraine issuing visas at the moment? I heard that they were not at the moment.
Yuliya Komska
@Karen: Columbia U has a special displaced student fund but those are few and far between
Rachel Brichta
Similar to what Joan just mentioned about personal questions, is it appropriate or necessary to note preference for women, given the fact that men 18-60 are required to stay in Ukraine? We are preparing a call at University of Michigan.
Anna Denejkina
Are there orgs like IIE and Scholars at Risk that support students (undergrad and postgrad), not only scholars?
Mark Trotter
IU (to best of my knowledge) does not have an application of this sort.
Chelsea Blackburn Cohen
SAR has a handbook that outlines best practices in hosting at-risk scholars and practitioners on your campus that address some of these questions, too: https://www.scholarsatrisk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/SAR-How-to-Host-Handbook.pdf
Nikolay Koposov
Regarding the families - Marc Bloch could come to the US in 1940, but his family members could not get visas. He refused to come without them - we all know what happened next.
Roman Koropeckyj
To Lauren McCathy’s question, that was the first issue raised by Grad Division at UCLA when I inquired about inviting applications to our grad program..
Veronica Dristas
Sorry everyone, I have another meeting that I need to go to. If anyone has any questions, I am happy to help. My email is dristas@pitt.edu. Good luck everyone.
John Randolph
Thank you Veronica!
Joan Neuberger
thank you Veronica!
Yuliya Komska
IWM Vienna has a sample text for non-residential fellowships, in case this is needed https://www.iwm.at/news/new-non-residential-fellowships-to-support-ukrainian-scholars?fbclid=IwAR3N7B0-jze9LFKMuYeu0ctzGWidlKONxc7M3xPp463ShOAT88VbtQDEr3I
Rachel Brichta
Thank you for the response and ideas!
Masha Leyfer
My sense is that a lot of this is done at the graduate and post-graduate level -- I'm an undergraduate student. Is there anything we can do for other undergrads, or how best can we support the work at the higher levels? If there's not a faculty or staff run existing initiative on our campus, how do you recommend getting started as undergrads? is there by any chance a directory of people already involved? My sense is that my campus doesn't have anything like this going on, but I'm also not 100% sure i would know if there was.
Steven Seegel
Odyssey program - https://www.iie.org/en/Programs/IIE-Odyssey-Scholarship
Jan Kubik
James: I apologize I missed some words. Can you transfer funds to Europe? Help ti fund positions in Europe? I know that the Polish Academy of Sciences has created a program for young Ukrainian researchers. It is indeed cheaper there,
Steven Seegel
Hilda Demin program - https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/scholarships/hilde-domin-programm/
Adi Džumhur
For Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian scholars currently in the country, specifically those who are participating in the Fulbright and other State Dept. funded programs, has there been any discussion about decoupling their J1 visas from program-specific terms and constraints? I imagine these decisions sit with State, but I was wondering how we could advocate for a status change to the five year J-1 research scholar visa?
Scott Denham
^ re undergrad q: Here is a program that also supports undergrads, by connecting students to US institutions abroad https://news.uchicago.edu/story/uchicago-launches-scholarships-comprehensive-support-students-scholars-ukraine-war
Yuliya Komska
If your university is VERY well-resourced, check out what Chicago has down for undergrads on its Paris campus. However, this is rare https://news.uchicago.edu/story/uchicago-launches-scholarships-comprehensive-support-students-scholars-ukraine-war
Jonathan sanders
It would not be the worst idea around to have everyone, including their university Presidents to push congresswomen and men and Senators to pass a bill to support displaced scholars, artists and journalist.
Krzysztof Kozak
Zsuzsanna Magdo (University of Pittsburgh)
I have a response but I cannot unmute myself.
Krzysztof Kozak
^thelink above takes you to the Polish programme
Zsuzsanna Magdo (University of Pittsburgh)
Please consult with the University HR department. Typically they only need a requisition number to onboard someone and there's a back-door process that doesn't involve actually posting a fellowship or position,
Bradley Woodworth
Thank you for the link to UChicago’s program. I think some guidelines for universities who would like to bring students to their campus would be very helpful.
Anna Denejkina
If a university has scholarships/fellowships for displaced students, where is the best place to advertise this to reach students?
Markian Dobczansky
bit.ly/ua-table and bit.ly/ua-form
John Randolph
Sometimes I also think it is possible to bring people as a resident research scholar at 50% with a visa that then allows them to also work locally up to 50%.
Scott Denham
^ re presidential level: Davidson’s president Carol Quillen is working on some action from the Presidents’ Alliance, no news yet, but there should be something soon; the PA board met on Wed and Thursday and Carol put this on the agenda—about advocacy, statement, funds, etc. and also at the governmental level. Also checking with ACE - American Council on Education.
Chelsea Blackburn Cohen
Here is Columbia’s student scholarship program: https://globalcenters.columbia.edu/CUSDS
Nikolay Koposov
Obviously, we have to think today primarily about Ukrainian students and scholars - but what about Russian refugees who had to leave Russia after having been imprisoned and hired from their universities for having participated in the protests? There are dozens of such scholars coming now to Prague, Vienna, and other places - are any resources/ways to help them?
Steven Seegel
Columbia program (what Yuliya's getting at …) - https://globalcenters.columbia.edu/CUSDS
Chelsea Blackburn Cohen
Scholars from Russia—and anywhere—facing risk are encouraged to apply to SAR or SRF
Masha Leyfer
thank you everyone!
Katie Duda- Mercyhurst University
thank you thank you
Trisha Tanner, Central European University
Related to credentials and securing credentials - Article 26 has some valuable resources: https://backpack.ucdavis.edu/
Laura Osterman
Thank you for this really informative event!
Chelsea Blackburn Cohen
Resources for at-risk individuals from Ukraine: https://www.scholarsatrisk.org/resources-for-at-risk-individuals-from-ukraine/
Hilah Kohen
The International Task Force for Displaced Scholars has a directory of this nature as well that is specific to initiatives re: the current invasion. We’re also happy to talk with students who are leading campaigns over the phone or Zoom. A little swamped but we’ll reach back out as soon as we can! displaced.scholars@gmail.com
Jan Kubik
Many thanks. Very useful.
Jessica Graybill
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Krzysztof Rowinski
Thank you everyone for sharing your experience, this is immensely useful!
Lauren McCarthy
Thanks so much for this very informative presentation!
Anna Denejkina
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Nathaniel Knight
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Scott Denham
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Paula Michaels
This was very helpful. Thank you to all speakers and ASEEES
Molly Blasing
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Andrew Barnes
Many thanks to ASEEES and the presenters! Best wishes to all.
Ana Olenina
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Vincent Bohlinger
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Trisha Tanner, Central European University
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jillian porter
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Hilah Kohen
Apologies, I’m on my phone without ready access to the URL! Please check the ASEEES resource page for info on how to join.
Paul Goode
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Steven Seegel
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John Randolph
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Holly Case
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Cynthia Werner
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