Protecting Democracy and Securing Our Elections: Featuring Congressman Jamie Raskin - Speaker view
Georgianne Arnold
What is Congress doing about the problems with the Electoral College
Georgianne Arnold
What is Congress doing about the potential for states to ignore their popular votes and send their own electors in 2024?
Georgianne Arnold
If Republicans take the Senate back and Mitch McConnell refuses to seat another SC justice should an opening happen, what options do we have?
MaLinda Zimmerman-Cooney
Brandon McLaughlin
I agree, term limits on both senators and members of house of representatives: 12 yearsWould this require an Act of Congress or Constitutional Amendment?
Christina Frasher
Honored to listen to Congressman Raskin. A question I have is are there any ways to economically limit or prosecute the republicans? I am thinking also of the mob, in which they committed so many horrific crimes committed but were "limited" by economic laws etc
D. P. Roberts
There is so much corruption, insider trading, bribery (lobbying), partisanship, revolving door pay to play stuff, graft and immorality in the US Congress on both sides, I have unfortunately very low hopes for the future of the Republic. My mind goes to the fall of Rome…
Christina Frasher
here is that fund: https://tommyraskinfund.org/
Christina Frasher
here is that incredibly moving book: https://bookshop.org/books/unthinkable-trauma-truth-and-the-trials-of-american-democracy-9798200879892/9780063209787
Jeff Pollock
Such a mensch … soooo worthy of being emulated by all politicians.
Christopher Fedor
Thanks to the awesome Congressman Raskin! What a role model and great man! Why does it seem like the current slate of Republicans across the board have little to no genuine empathy for anything but power. Why can't President Biden and others get on Prime Time TV warning about the state of democracy and how dangerous the Republicans are. We are on the brink of a modern form of fascism/autocracy/dictatorship and we should have Emergency Broadcast system messages flashing on our TV screens daily. It really is THAT serious.
Samantha Balbier
Are any of Tommy's essays published/available? I ask because young people are very disillusioned by government and America in general. His thoughts could speak to our younger generation from a visionary and hopeful perspective. They need inspiration. Thank you for sharing his story and thank you for your thoughts today.
Christina Frasher
I love that story and that you were guided by nature/animals in that moment
George Begler
Do you believe we need to add justices to the supreme court, if so how would that work?
Blaine Walker
Is there any difference between an American political party that wishes to make laws based upon religious beliefs and the Taliban doing so in Afghanistan?
Judi Mangan
I am thankful for people like Congressman Raskin who are trying to save our democracy. I wish there were more people like him in this world. Thank you for this webinar.
Mark Henderson
why would the democrats be more aggressive in taking on the GOP?
Patrick Pagano
Democracy appears to alive and well at the grassroots level but a major countercurrent against the progress is disinformation by powerful interests – e.g. big oil interests and misinformation about the noxious effects of hydraulic fracturing on human health. What can Congress do to stem this tide and promote rational dialogue and, in turn, a more vibrant democracy?
D. P. Roberts
Shouldn’t we be protecting democracy from technocrats like Mark Zuckerberg who spent 400 million plus to influence our 2020 elections?
Patrick Pagano
Thank you, Congressman Raskin, for the profound courage and inspiration amid such personal hardship.
Lori Smith
Thank you both for fighting for all of us.
Bert Dorazio
Christina Frasher
so grateful for you! thank you for your beautiful mind and even more beautiful heart!
N. A. Mark Estes
Well done, well said...